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Presence in the Wild
Advanced 2024 




Valea Vladului / Southern Carpathian Mountains/ Project Area of

Small group of 6-8 people.

For those who have experienced a nature quest/awareness training/ solo time in nature. 

People on their 'Inner Journey', engaged in transformational work and 'inner' capacity building.

An Advanced Awareness and Transformation Program in the pristine Mountains 
with Walter Bertolini and Din van Helden


PRESENCE IN THE WILD Advanced is a 10-day wilderness journey and profound experience of Self in the pristine nature of the Southern Carpathians in Romania.

This awareness retreat, which is inspired by and is following the tradition of ‘Sacred Passages’ (John P Milton/ The Way of Nature), is a unique opportunity to experience a deep immersion in nature including a 7 day and 6 night Solo time in a truly remote area of the Southern Carpathians.


These often deep experiences of connectedness, presence and clarity are a healthy base to (re) connect with your true intentions and your own genuine nature. It is a special opportunity to listen more closely to what Life is asking and offering you for more attunement with Self and your ecosystems. 

The first part of our ‘Journey’ takes us to a nicely located guesthouse in Vulcan, Transilvania, close to Brasov. From there on the next day we embark on our journey deep into the Carpathian Mountains, the Valea Vladului.

The Cabin, which is owned and part of the project area of Carpathia has been freshly restored and adjusted to serve as basecamp for our advanced Awareness training, before moving to the individual Solo spots deep in the Valley and on the mountain ridges.

Well prepared, with senses sharpened and a spirit more at rest, we are setting out for 7 days and 6 nights of solo time in nature.

These 10 days in the seclusion of the Valea Vladului, a particularly pristine part of the Southern Carpathians of Romania, one of the last large contiguous, widely untouched forest and mountain landscapes in Europe, will invite you to a special experience of Self Reflection and Self Awareness.

Creating an inspiring Space  

How do we access and experience a different quality of being and deeper knowing, which is often described as a state of 'Presence'?  Somehow through entering this space we realize, something we have always known deep inside, that nature itself is one of the most powerful teachers of all … ‘the intelligence of life in its purest form'.

The unique quality of that space supports you in refining your senses, your inner reorientation, in releasing blockages and in refocusing your personal and professional life at its root.

Our intentions

based on our own extensive experience as longterm practitioners, coaches and guides over many years, we will provide you with helpful tools (i.e. work on mindset, intentions, contemplation, counseling etc.) in order to support you individually and collectively throughout your deep transformation.  we encourage reflection and maintain an secure environment for your learning and growth, which will allow you to connect fully with your 3 ‘Natures’ (inner, outer, true)’.... And, honoring the traditions we draw on and the wonder of nature, we hope each of us leaves the retreat with a joyful heart, firm clarity and a clearer intention to act in new ways.

The conceptual background is based on old wisdom traditions as well as contemporary whole system approaches toward deep transformation (Way of Nature, U-Process, Contemplation, Awareness based Systemic Change, ..). 

“Awareness is the first step towards transformation.” – Daniel J. Siegel

About the Retreat



Private: € 2.200,--  including 20% VAT,

Corporate: € 2.400,-- plus 20% VAT 

For self-payers, a discount may be available upon request.

This price includes training and guide expenses, the overnights in the eco-cabin in Valea Vladului and the Guesthouse in Vulcan, transport to and from solo sites, and the food during the time out. Not included: travel costs to Romania & food/ beverages at the guest house

Limited Participation (6-8 Persons)

Please  register below  or   SEND US AN E-MAIL  (,


The Coaches & Guides

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Din April 18.jpg

Walter Bertolini has been working many years as a systemic Organizational Consultant  and Leadership Coach, founding partner of werk4 and the inspirational Leadership Project Essenz der Führung. He has reconnected with the power of being in & one with wild nature years ago, which brought him to found Way of Nature Austria (  as part of Way of Nature International. His transformational work incorporates powerful systemic approaches and is at the same time nurtured & deeply inspired by core practices of ancient wisdom traditions as well as contemporary awareness practices.  
Walter, originally from Western Austria, currently lives in Vienna and is working internationally.


Din van Helden  is a guide and advisor pioneering a new generation of development programmes, with nature. Her work combines renewed ideas about leadership and change, deep reconnection to nature, and wisdom from ancient cultures to support positive, systemic change. She leads a learning and reconnecting enterprise Grounding. Din, being a Nature Guide herself will provide her wealth of experience. She guides together with Walter the participants during this retreat. Din, originally from the Netherlands, lives in Austria and is working internationally.

There will also be nature guides from Carpathia on site.

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